About Me

I was born in  Spittal an der Drau, Austria in 1990, where I grew up and developed a passion for sport and outdoor activities such as skiing, mountain biking and climbing from a young age. As a ski instructor, ski guide and mountain bike guide I gained a lot of experience in the alpine environment Austria has to offer and developed an eye for movements, and how to analyze and anticipate them.

Photography was a natural compliment to my adventures, it allowed me to capture the incredible moments I was experiencing. When I bought my first camera in 2015, for my four month trip to New Zealand, I was hooked and started teaching myself in countless hours to improve the technical and creative part of my photography.

When I turned pro in 2018 it was obvious to focus on sports and outdoor photography like the activities I fell in love with in the first place. I’m constantly pushing my own limits and try to let my experience as a sportsman flow into my photography to find creative ways to capture those perfect moments outdoor sports have to offer.

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